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In The News There Are Some Cataclysm Stuff Like Female Worgen And Info About The New Races And Stuff

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 News About Server!!

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PostSubject: News About Server!!   Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:32 am

Hello Welcome to DreamdDemon Forums

Hey, my name is kyle and im 14 years old and have been compiling my own server.here are a few rules about this private server.There will not be any abusing of any sort example: Your a fucking cunt go Lick a giant black cock you fucking child.. so none of that kind of langue there will be application for more gm's that know how to script and code.If you would like to be a gm plzz email me at xxdreamdemon@yahoo.com. please fill out the information here:

Name: Real Name!
Age: 14 Up
Have Ever Been a Gm/Co op admin: Yes/No
Know How to Script/Code: Yes/No
Will Not Fuck Around: Yes/No

Info About Server:
Core: Acremu
Patch: 3.3.5a
Freindly Gm's
Pvp Realm
Pve Realm
Working icc 10/25 Man
Instant 80

Comming Soon:
Ruby Sanctum(Raid)
x20000 Rates
Maybe a Gm Realm
Spell Update 100% (Working)

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News About Server!!
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